zero escape vlr spoilers


some moments I thought were notable enough to take pics of, never got around to posting em anywhere yet bc I don’t want to spoil anyone who doesn’t wanna see..

but I thought of where I could post pics under a cut on my phone and remembered wordpress :v so! giving this a shot to see how it turns out

anyway yeah, definitely spoilers ahead, end-route ones too

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SB69 – notice


I don’t play Show by Rock anymore, haven’t for months. I’m glad my translations came in handy for a lot of people, but at this point, I will not be updating anything anymore and I am no longer aware of any recent changes or events.

I still get asked questions every so often, but it would be best to look for someone else’s more updated information at this point.

















今一番ハマったのは血界です。3話しか観てないが、キャラ全員は魅力的で可愛いです.. クラウスさんとレオナルドくんとの身長差も体格差は素晴らしすぎて描くのが楽しいです。やまじょも意外に面白い!友達は身体を入れ替わるネタが好きので一緒に観ている。キス、キス、キスだらけだ!素晴らしい!男女、男同士、女同士のキス..楽しいアニメです。




I may try to force myself to write some journal entries in Japanese, but I’m not sure how long this is going to last. Hopefully this will be a nice way to kill boredom and maybe gradually learn how to write better by talking more than I do on twitter.

If anyone ends up reading this, please bear with me that I know I sound like an idiot.




2015-05-11 19.33.40


2015-05-20 13.02.01

今日はステラ グロウの体験版をクリアしました。ヒルダの歌はすごく綺麗です!ダンテはイケメンです!発売を楽しみにしています。



Haven’t posted about my progress in learning Japanese in a while (apparently for more than a year..), figured I’d do so since that’s the main point of this blog, not just SB69 tutorials..!

It’s been about two years since I started learning Japanese. I’ve been really bad sticking to Anki flashcards lately, or doing any kind of studying-for-the-sake-of-studying. Most of what I do these days is read raw manga, watch anime without subtitles, play video games in Japanese (whether it’s just little app games or actual console/portable games), read a lot of Japanese tweets, fanfics, etc.

A few of the games I can think off the top of my head that I played entirely in Japanese were Persona Q, Drag-on Dragoon 3, and Bravely Second. Persona Q was absolutely wonderful and I ended up spending about 150 hours on it, lots of fun, enjoyed every moment of it. I loved DOD3 very much.. All the characters were so very suited for my interests (a game with badass ladies, dragons, and dudes based on sexual kinks? hell fucking yeah), gorgeous music as always with the DOD series, and it was very fun to play despite some frustrating moments and bad camera angles.

Bravely Second…was honestly barely enjoyable and full of cringeworthy moments. The battle system is great, I enjoy the graphics and character design, the music wasn’t that bad either (though I do prefer Bravely Default’s soundtrack), but what really killed it was the writing. I could go on for ages about how /bad/ it was, but considering it’s not out here yet I’ll try to keep my mouth shut. All of the romance and all of the “emotional” scenes were really forced, there was no meaningful character development at all, and the last 10-15 minutes of the game really put the nail in the coffin. My painfully honest opinion is that this game is not worth playing. I’m having a lot more fun going back to Bravely Default, though I do miss some of B2nd’s improvements to the combat system.

My reading comprehension has improved quite a bit since last time I posted, though I often still need a dictionary on-hand to translate some uncommon words. My listening comprehension is okay in regards to watching anime/drama or listening to radio shows, but I don’t get the whole picture sometimes. My listening comprehension in person is quite bad and I have a very hard time following along to actual conversations. But worst of all is my speaking ability.. I try to go to weekly/monthly Japanese study groups in my area, but a couple hours a week can only help so much. It’s pretty slow-going, and my lack of improvement is a bit discouraging. Since the entirety of my studying and interests deal with either reading or listening (anime/manga/games) and absolutely 0% speaking, it’s definitely my worst area.

I try to tweet in Japanese occasionally, but even then, it still takes me a while to think of what to say and how to say it right (or at least in a way that gets my point across), and it’s always very light conversation. Doesn’t often go much further than “I LIKE THING.” “THING IS COOL.” “HOW SAY THING IN JAPANESE.” so it’s a little embarrassing trying to converse with people when I can’t even really talk at a child’s level. I read quite a lot, so I can understand what my conversation partner says pretty quickly/easily at this point, but my responses are still very slow and low-level.

I wanted to get to a point where I could write entire journal entries in Japanese, but that goal still seems rather far away. Maybe it would be better for me to just go ahead and try, broken as it may be, rather than sticking strictly to twitter where all I end up saying is very simple, individual sentences that are barely connected if at all.

SB69 – Bingo


I hadn’t translated these yet since I hadn’t found a proper list of bingo items online before. There still isn’t really a good list out there but I found a little information at least. If you’re stuck on a certain bingo sheet and it’s not described here, please send me a screencap so I can fill in the missing information.

As for the bingo requirements regarding “level # bromides to max”, these cards are the easiest to level! They require only 2030 exp to max out to level 15, and then you can get rid of them and they will still count towards your total maxed bromide count.

Bingo sheet #1:
Look at the band practice tutorials
Look at the band evolution tutorials
Look at the bromide evolution tutorials
Look at the bromide deck set-up tutorials
Look at the boss fight sub-tutorials
Pull the normal (friend point) gacha
Pull the super (melodician) gacha

Bingo sheet #2:
Login for two days
Set up a bromide deck
Sell a bromide
Level up a bromide
Do band practice
Full combo 1 stage in tour mode
Watch a story episode

Bingo sheet #3:
Level 1 bromide to max
Level 5 bromides to max
Login 3 days
Full combo 3 stages in tour mode
Collect 20 bromides

Bingo sheet #4:
Level a band to max and evolve it
Login 7 days
Level 10 bromides to max

Bingo sheet #5:

Bingo sheet #6:
Clear (?) stage in tour mode
Collect 60 bromides
Clear (?) stage in tour mode
Level 30 bromides to max
Clear (?) stage in tour mode
Clear (?) stage in tour mode
Full combo 30 stages within tour mode
Clear (?) stage in tour mode

Bingo sheet #7:
Level 50 bromides to max
Clear (?) stage in tour mode
Full combo 40 stages within tour mode
Collect 70 bromides
Clear (?) stage in tour mode
Full combo 50 stages within tour mode
Level 40 bromides to max
Clear (?) stage in tour mode

Bingo sheet #8:
Collect 80 bromides
Level 80 bromides to max
Clear (?) stage in tour mode
Login 30 days
Collect 90 bromides
Full combo 80 stages within tour mode
Clear (?) stage in tour mode
Clear (?) stage in tour mode

Bingo sheet #9:
Level 90 bromides to max
Collect 100 bromides
Clear (?) stage in tour mode
Collect 110 bromides
Clear (?) stage in tour mode
Full combo 90 stages within tour mode
Login 50 days
Clear (?) stage in tour mode

Bingo sheet #10:
Clear (?) stage in tour mode
Login 70 days
Clear (?) stage in tour mode
Full combo 100 stages within tour mode
Clear (?) stage in tour mode
Full combo 120 stages within tour mode
Level 100 bromides to max
Collect 120 bromides

Bingo sheet #11:
Collect 140 bromides
Clear (?) stage in tour mode
Full combo 150 stages within tour mode
Level 110 bromides to max
Login 90 days
Clear (?) stage in tour mode
Full combo (?) stages within tour mode
Clear (?) stage in tour mode

Bingo sheet #12:
Full combo 160 stages within tour mode
Login 110 days
Clear (?) stage in tour mode
Collect 150 bromides
Level 120 bromides to max
Collect (?) bromides
Clear (?) stage in tour mode
Clear (?) stage in tour mode

Bingo sheet #13:
Full combo 170 stages within tour mode
Login 130 days
Full combo 180 songs within tour mode
Level 130 bromides to max

I couldn’t find any more information at this time. If you have screenshots of any of the bingo sheets with unclear information, please comment and post them so I can correct this list!

SB69 ID – Create an account


This is a relatively new feature! Do it now so you can get 5 free melodician for making an account, and it backs up your data too!

First of all, go to the Menu screen on the bottom right of the app, and select SB69 ID.


This screen will pull up. The options are as follows:
Register account
(Old) Enter change device password

You’ll want to select the 1st button.

2015-04-13 (1)

Then this screen will appear. The first field is for your username (must be 4-12 characters long), and the next two fields are for you to create a password (must be 6-12 characters long and contain at least 1 number), and then confirm that password by entering it again. Once you’ve completed the three fields, hit the button at the bottom to proceed.

At this point, the screens should be relatively self explanatory, I believe. Please remember your password!

2015-04-14 02.42.44

Once you’ve created your ID and it’s all set, enjoy your free melodician. Also, now the screen will look like this. The options now are as follows:

Change password
Login to a different account

Be careful logging in, because that account’s data will replace your current account. You can probably recover your original account by logging into it again. I haven’t tried logging into other accounts though so I can’t give any solid advice on that, so be careful!

If I’ve missed anything or you would like further clarification, please feel free to ask!

SB69 – Skills + Band Member Names + Auto-create Deck


Sorry for the long wait, this is stuff I should have explained loooong ago.

I finally translated all the skills for all the cards (as of 1/16/15), and all of the band members’ names. Please keep in mind that I am really bad at romanizing names and consequently some probably sound awful. I’m sorry.

Skills here! [Note: All information was copied and pasted from this website. I claim to have created none of it, and am just translating the skill names for English speakers to understand.]

Bands and band member names!

Also, card sorting. In the “deck” building screen, you may now click in the upper right to automatically create a team! You first choose the attribute you want, and then this screen shows up:

2015-01-12 00.45.10

I’m just basing these on my assumptions so I’m not 100% sure how it chooses cards, but…

Soul: Chooses cards that have soul up related skills
Score: Chooses cards that have the best score up related skills
Boss: Chooses cards that have the best boss related skills
Support: Chooses cards that have the best tension recovery/miss deletion/perfect rate up skills