Hello!! This will be my blog to keep


Hello!! This will be my blog to keep track of my progress in learning Japanese. I am not taking any Japanese classes and I don’t really intend to. I’m currently using various different teaching tools (RTK, Anki, Genki, and others) to help myself learn instead. The other day I switched my Twitter account and Tumblr account to display Japanese instead of English, listening to more Japanese music, watching anime, etc. in an effort to immerse myself a little bit more, to have more Japanese to look at and listen to even when I am not actively studying.

For a bit of my history, I began teaching myself hiragana and katakana when I was about 12 when I started reading Naruto for the first time. I hesitated to get into learning kanji for so long because it was always so daunting to me to try to learn so many complicated characters. Instead, I started learning Spanish when I was 14, and took Spanish classes in school each year until I was 18. I only started seriously studying Japanese recently (in the past couple months or so) when I turned 21.

For my goals, I am currently on page 69 of 522 of this RTK book. I intend to get through all 522 pages by the end of summer. To do this, I will only need to study 5 pages a day each day. I hope to exceed this goal and learn quickly!


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