It looks like I’m going to post something


It looks like I’m going to post something like this weekly then, haha.


I’m on #315 in RTK now! Definitely been able to keep up my “5 pages a day” goal. :D I keep seeing/hearing things in Japanese that I actually recognize lately..! It’s so exciting!! Learning!!!!

I’m surely getting ahead of myself, but I made a Japanese PSN account to be able to download Japanese games onto my Vita. I want to play Demon Gaze but it might be too text-based for me to enjoy properly as of right now… I might buy it for myself as a reward at the end of the summer when I finish going through this RTK book, but for the moment I need to focus on simpler things.

I realized Yahoo had a Japanese kids’ site the other day so I’ll be attempting to read some things here and there.

I also started studying Genki again too.. I got intimidated by it for a while because it suddenly introduced a lot of kanji, verbs, vocabulary, conjugations, and particles that I had NO idea where to start with any of it…… But with the help of RTK and Anki decks, I’ve been able to learn a whole lot of kanji and vocabulary, so it’s a lot less scary now! I understand a lot more of it!!


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