Must admit.. a big reason I haven’t been



Must admit.. a big reason I haven’t been doing as much anki is because my general vocab deck has been full of words I just cannot seem to stick in my head lately, and I keep getting them wrong again and again and can’t remember any of them for the life of me. And also that RTK (#562) has gotten tougher because I’ve gotten past all the kanji they’ve provided stories for, and now they’re making me make up my own. Which is definitely significantly harder.

But nevertheless, I have still been practicing in other ways too. Recently my free time has been full of Dramatical Murder fun times. I ended up translating basically all of the spoken dialogue in one of the Ren/Aoba paths in Re:connect. It was shockingly easy to translate, too! I’m so happy I’m seeing myself progress like this!! Besides, it’s really easy to learn stuff like this too! Being able to hear the words they’re saying while reading along with written text makes learning words/kanji so much fun! Especially when it involves gay sex of course. B) Certainly learning a fair share of sexual vocab, yeeesss. Of course, I’m learning a lot of casual dialogue stuff too, which is incredibly useful.


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