[weekly progress]



Always nice to see another percentage point up in there. #752 in RTK. 3/4ths of the way to my goal of 1000 kanji by the end of summer! Not much kanji left but also not much time left either..! Trying to keep up a 60 kanji/week goal but sometimes I don’t reach it. This week I did though! I thought I neglected it a bunch since this past week I was freaking out about my school final on Monday, but somehow I got my kanji practice in between all that stress haha. Been trying to read bits of A Guide to Japanese Grammar here and there too but I’ve only gotten through a few pages because I can’t remember the things I read for the life of me. Instead of keeping at a perpetual standstill with it, I wrote up some of my own flashcards in an extra anki deck so now I can familiarize myself with that content easier and be able to comfortably proceed in my textbooks this way. I really love flashcards ~w~


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