[weekly progress]



Been busy lately, haven’t been translating much. I’m at #810 in RTK.

I recently discovered that Tae Kim’s grammar book also has an Anki deck! This is definitely the most interesting deck I have found so far, since it has a feature where you type in the answer and it checks it. :O It’s really cool!

Ahhh though I’m excited about RTK! Only 190 kanji left until I’ve learned 1000!! I’m not sure if I’ll meet my 60 kanji/week goal this next week since I’m going to be using the next few days to move back home, but lord knows I’ll probably end up studying a bunch anyway since I’m all excited about meeting my goal and also because school is now over for the semester, as of today! No more other studies to worry about but my self-study of Japanese now~ I have a whole semester off too, I start back in school in the spring, so I have plenty of time this fall/winter to finish that other 1000 kanji I planned on. ^__^ yeee


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