[weekly progress]



Aaah I’m so happy lately! I forgot specifically when I started doing this all for real but I saw that one of the charts in anki looked like I could estimate that I started doing anki at the end of March/beginning of April.

Based off of that, I’ve officially been studying almost every day for over half a year now! \o/ I have learned SO MUCH in this time…!! Earlier this year I had no idea how kanji were even constructed and didn’t know a single one, just katakana and most hiragana. But now.. now I’ve been translating things, started actually talking to japanese people online (via my japanese twitter, I have a couple friends there now..!!!), and can understand simple sentences without needing a translation tool! ;_; So cool!!

I am still FAR from reaching my goals and still have much MUCH more to learn, but I’m happy about how far I’ve come at this point compared to where I started. >w<

I’m at #1386 in RTK, I’ve been kind of lax this past week with anki since I’ve been translating fic and conversing on twitter and being lazy I mean busy what


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