[weekly progress]



#1446… Ahh I really need to get back in the habit of doing flashcards every day….. Not just a couple times a week… >_>

So, I was tricked recently.. lol. I tend to follow back anyone who follows my Japanese twitter, so there was someone I added recently who sent me a couple DMs saying that they wanted to talk via e-mail. I thought, sure, cool, I’d love to talk to more Japanese people, and she seems nice. Sent an e-mail telling her a little about myself, she responded and talked more about herself, her job, etc. A couple things I should have picked up as red flags at this point- she did not comment on anything I said except for the fact that I said “please call me Kela” to which she responded “is that really okay? how old are you anyway?”. She mentioned a lot of weirdly dating-site-themed things like she’s recently gotten divorced (or is planning on it), her ex was sending her ecchi messages, she’d love to “get closer to me” etc. She gave me her blog link, and upon clicking and looking at it, I immediately received another e-mail from her pointing out the fact that I looked at it.

However, I’m stupid, and kept talking a bit, before getting another 5 e-mails and looked up her blog name out of suspicion. Welp. Moe is just a spambot after all. And by the time I found out, it was too late, sob. I’ve now been getting several e-mails from these bots and it won’t stop. ~_~ That’s what I get for talking to a spambot I guess lol.

I will be more careful in the future who I add on twitter/talk to via e-mail……….


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