[weekly progress]



Alright I’m not even going to try to bluff it this week. #1642. Basically didn’t do shit. Weekends really throw me off lately.. I get into a groove during the week and then I don’t study Saturday or Sunday and then I don’t feel like doing anything Monday either etc. and the more I put my studies off, I have to spend longer and longer on my reviews once I pick back up again. It’s really frustrating.

As it is, I have 6 weeks left in the year and 358 kanji left to study to get to 2000 by year-end. Fucking up this past week and only studying 15 means that I have to study more now… I think I’m really going to have to study during the weekends now too just so I don’t lose so much motivation anymore….

Well, plus the fact that I’ve been translating other things, but I can’t let that get in the way of my flashcards.. :/


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