[weekly progress]



(#1762) I just checked, and apparently there are 3030 kanji in the Reviewing the Kanji website. After realizing that (I thought there’d be thousands, like 7000 or something), I think I’m going to considerably slow down my RTK studies after I hit 2000. I’ve gotten to the point where I can recognize a lot of kanji while I read things now, but I am still frustratingly unable to figure out how to say/type them. After year-end, I’m going to focus a lot more effort into reading manga with furigana so I can further familiarize myself with kanji usage aside from just learning from my flashcards.

I told my boss the other day that I was trying to learn 2000 by the end of the year, and that I was learning 60 a week to do so, and she was very amused. Kept saying that I’d probably end up being more proficient in Japanese than she is, at this rate. :’D Also told me that she used to work with someone else who took a very intensive course and learned how to speak Japanese in six months. …man. That’d have only been possible for me if I focused all my attention on it and didn’t have a job or school to take up time.

I’ve also changed the way anki presents new cards, so this will make it much easier for me to deal with. I’d previously had it to where the new cards for the day were mixed among the reviews, but that meant that I /had/ to do /all/ of my flashcards in order to learn all of my new words that day. That…. didn’t always happen. But now, I’ve changed it so it shows all the new cards first, and then it shows the reviews. This way, I can learn new cards quickly, and then if I have time, I can review later. I think this’ll help a lot. Sometimes I’m in the mood to learn new stuff, sometimes I’m in the mood to review a bunch. I don’t know why I kept it the previous way for so long, since it jumbled everything together and just made it more stressful and time consuming to deal with.


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