[weekly progress]



I decided once year-end hits, I’m going to stop doing weekly posts like this and do monthly updates instead. Basically I’ve been thinking and these flashcards are getting more stressful than fun. My reviews have backed up so much to where I have 541 in my RTK deck and 742 in my corePLUS deck. Let’s just say every 100 reviews takes me a full hour to do. I used to be perfectly fine doing 30-50 reviews per deck per day, but as time went on, and I didn’t study during weekends, I’d come back on Monday with a full 100 reviews to do per each deck.. wouldn’t feel like doing that.. and it’d pile up further and further…. I need to reduce the amount of cards I learn per day and I need to spend a good full couple of days knocking out all these piled up reviews, and then I can get back on track on a slower pace.

#1842. I have 158 kanji to learn in two weeks. Will I succeed? Probably not at this point haha. I’d have to study for 11 of the next 13 days. I don’t really care anymore I guess. At this point, my goal has gone more towards “learn these kanji as quickly as possible so I can have 2k by the 31st” and less about “learn these kanji thoroughly so I don’t forget them,” which is a terrible thing to compromise.

So, because of that, I’m going to say here and now that I give up and I did not reach my goal. But it’s okay, because I’m giving up speed in order to try to learn my kanji more thoroughly. I’ll probably try to do 5 a day per deck now rather than 15, and I’ll probably reduce all my reviews in each deck to.. 15 or 30 or something per day, because seeing 500+, 700+ is really intimidating.

It was fun though, working towards that goal. :) Hell, ending up with ~1900 at the end of the year is still gonna be impressive huh? I’ll have only been studying for about 9 months. Apparently it takes other people /years/ to learn that many. So, I’m still pretty happy.

I’ve been watching more Doraemon and some Japanese variety shows, food/cooking shows, etc. It’s a lot more fun than flashcards haha.


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