I will still be using this blog to keep track of my studies though. I have been remiss lately in posting about what I’ve been learning and I would like to focus on it again. I would also like to begin using this blog as a diary as well, but of course, I want to try to write entries in Japanese since I already have an English diary. Ideally, I want to transition this blog from being almost entirely written in English to being written entirely in Japanese.

I have been studying a lot lately, actually, and feeling pretty good about it. I talked to someone on skype in Japanese for the first time in the past week and it was pretty fun. I’ve been really happy being able to have a few simple conversations on twitter and IM.

I also joined a couple of local Japanese study groups. Neither of them have had a meeting since December last year but I’m hoping they’ll meet sometime soon and I can go and try to speak a bit in Japanese.

One of the study groups I joined had a loooot of nice resources! I’ll post a few of them here too.

Japanese short stories

Children’s stories

Genki self-study help

Listening practice I have not used this yet but it seems cool.

Audiobooks with transcripts

NHK Japanese lessons

ALC Apparently a dictionary made by translators. I haven’t used it yet.

Read/buy manga: Jコミ and eBookJapan

I added this deck to my Anki and will be adding the other steps as I complete them.

I’ve also been adding a lot of kanji compounds to a custom deck of mine and I have to write out the kana to answer it. I have so many Anki decks but they all help me practice different things.


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