I haven’t.. posted here in a while…

I haven’t had altogether much time to sit down and /study/ Japanese lately in general. I’ve been too preoccupied with school this semester, since it is my last semester before I graduate. I’ll pick up my studies again once the semester is over with in May, most likely. I’ve been going to every so often but that’s also been fairly uncommon.

I have been making more of an effort to read tweets on my Japanese twitter list though, especially now that I’ve gotten into Bravely Default and followed a lot of BDFF fans. It’s so nice.. being in a fandom again… Ys is so dead and barren even with the release of Celceta, people just don’t care…

It’s been a shock to draw a BD-related doodle and post it on my JP tl and get like 7 favorites on it //// from really great artists too..!! I can’t believe so many really great artists followed me back on twitter…!!! And seem to like my art too..!!!!!

Speaking of Bravely Default in general, I’ve started playing it entirely in Japanese and it’s really, really nice. Since I know the basic story in English already, thanks to my girlfriend playing it and talking about it and showing me scenes here and there in English, I can follow along pretty well. Sometimes I switch it to English temporarily if I want to be sure about what’s being talked about, but each time I do that, it’s shocking how different the translations are from the original script, and how much content is really lost in translation. I’m so, so glad they included the Japanese text in the English release so I could follow along the story as it was originally intended…

On the other hand though.. I kinda wish I’d had to buy the Japanese version so I could actually redeem these codes!! I bought the Pocketbook of R books, the official complete guide, and the art book, and I didn’t realize it but I got costume codes in each one, so I could theoretically have all the special costumes. But I am pretty sure I can’t redeem them if I only buy the eshop version of the game..

Ah! I started up dmmd the other day and I was so happy!! I haven’t played it for months and months and I was so shocked at how much I actually understood. The last time I played it, I could only pick out a word here and there and didn’t even bother reading the text that wasn’t voiced. But this time..! This time…!! I was able to read the MAJORITY of it without looking anything up, the unvoiced text included! It’s so, so nice to see that all my studying is paying off!


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