Japanese learning resource post


Gonna compile together a lot of the resources I used (am still using) while learning Japanese.

Anki – I love this so much. It is my primary learning tool and #1 recommendation. I have it on my home computer, my work computer, my laptop, my phone… I try to use it every single day even if it’s only a few cards here and there.

Anki decks:

Heisig’s Remember the Kanji (Edit: deck has been removed, here are alternatives) – Best used with Reviewing the Kanji and/or Remembering the Kanji.

Japanese corePLUS (Edit: deck has been removed, not sure of an alternative but here) – DOWNLOAD THE SOUND FILES. Read the description for information about sound files for this deck. I test myself with this deck by gauging whether I know the word immediately by sight and sound (easy), whether I have to think about it for a while based on the kanji meanings (normal), or if I only figure out the meaning by closing my eyes and flipping the card to listen to them say the sentence with the word in context (hard). It was harder for me to go through this deck before I added the sound files.

Tae Kim’s Guide to Japanese Grammar (Edit: deck has been removed, not sure of an alternative but here) – Best used with A Guide to Japanese Grammar.

Japanese Core 2000 (Edit: deck has been removed, not sure of an alternative but here) – This link is only for step 1, but there are multiple decks and multiple steps. Great listening practice. I use this for easy review or taking a break, but it may be helpful for learning too.


Japaneseclass.jp – Feels more like I’m playing a game. Get enough points, level up, stuff like that. Information, quizzes, flashcards, reading exercises, etc.

Guide to Japanese (web) – Very helpful, easy to understand grammar tips.

Reviewing the Kanji – Much more helpful (IMO) kanji stories than the ones provided in the RTK textbook. MUCH more helpful, really, considering how the RTK textbook literally stops providing stories halfway through the book anyway.


A Guide to Japanese Grammar (book) – The book form of the “Guide to Japanese” website. I love this book. It’s been a LOT of help to me, especially when paired with the Anki deck that lets you type in the answer and check if you’re right or not.

Remembering the Kanji – Looking back on it now, I probably would not actually buy this book. It’s helpful for learning the stroke order of the kanji, but otherwise, the stories provided in this book are not as helpful (to me) as the user-submitted stories here.

Genki – Just a link to the first book, but I have Genki I and II. These books are what would have been required if I’d taken actual Japanese classes at my college (which I did not do). As such, they are confusing as SHIT at first if you don’t have an instructor, and they mainly teach polite language. They’ve still helped me, and were a nice change of pace if I ever got tired of my other study regimen, but they were not my main study tool. A Guide to Japanese Grammar by Tae Kim was a LOT easier for me to understand and much more enjoyable, given that I’m learning by myself and not with a class/instructor.


Denshi Jisho – I use the bookmarklet for this site all the time.

Rikaisama (Firefox)/Rikaikun (Chrome) – I use this when I have a lot of text I want to read but am too lazy to look up the words I don’t know individually, like when I’m reading fanfics. Otherwise I’ll use the Denshi Jisho bookmarklet to highlight one word and check its meaning.

weblio – Still by no means perfect, but a good translator tool that gives you multiple suggestions, example sentences, lets you choose whether you want to translate with polite or casual Japanese.

goo – A great Japanese-only dictionary, when you’re at the point you can use this sort of thing.

Google translate(?) – I don’t.. really… recommend google…… But it does know some slang that other sites may not recognize. It’s pretty shitty unless you know what you’re looking for… Do not rely on this site.

Other resource lists:


https://kelaruj.wordpress.com/2014/02/16/1101/ Some other resources I did not list in this post.


I’ll add to this post as I remember more stuff.


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