SB69 ID – Create an account


This is a relatively new feature! Do it now so you can get 5 free melodician for making an account, and it backs up your data too!

First of all, go to the Menu screen on the bottom right of the app, and select SB69 ID.


This screen will pull up. The options are as follows:
Register account
(Old) Enter change device password

You’ll want to select the 1st button.

2015-04-13 (1)

Then this screen will appear. The first field is for your username (must be 4-12 characters long), and the next two fields are for you to create a password (must be 6-12 characters long and contain at least 1 number), and then confirm that password by entering it again. Once you’ve completed the three fields, hit the button at the bottom to proceed.

At this point, the screens should be relatively self explanatory, I believe. Please remember your password!

2015-04-14 02.42.44

Once you’ve created your ID and it’s all set, enjoy your free melodician. Also, now the screen will look like this. The options now are as follows:

Change password
Login to a different account

Be careful logging in, because that account’s data will replace your current account. You can probably recover your original account by logging into it again. I haven’t tried logging into other accounts though so I can’t give any solid advice on that, so be careful!

If I’ve missed anything or you would like further clarification, please feel free to ask!


12 thoughts on “SB69 ID – Create an account

    • Sorry, that part slipped my mind! Yes, the ID must be 4-12 characters long, and the password must be 6-12 characters long. All of it should be in alphanumeric characters. It doesn’t seem that there needs to be capital/special characters, but I’m not sure if it needs a number or not.

  1. For some strange reason its not letting me put in my user name. Though I know I put it down right @.@

    Something like IDを正しく入かしてください。I know a little japanese, so if my memory serves me correctly its something like please enter correct ID?

    • The ID must be 4-12 characters long, that may be why it’s rejecting it. Seems that it may also have to be in alphanumeric characters (rather than Japanese?)

      • Yeah, usually for my japanese games I just use my name in japanese, コーヂィー. But when I put it in alphanumeric it worked, kind of silly how it operates like that xD. Password doesn’t allow any special characters either like * for example..

  2. Hello, Kela. I found your wordpress blog and I need your help to something~
    I started to play SB39 in the last month, and every time the game updates, I try to backup the account and some error occurs. It’s the second time it happens~
    Every time I have to create another ID and start from 0

    the error screen:

    I can't read japanese, so… i'm lost ;w;

    • Looks like it’s saying that it can’t connect to the internet. I’ve never seen this screen before so I’m not quite sure if there’s a particular cause behind it or if it’s really just the internet connection..

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