SB69 – notice


I don’t play Show by Rock anymore, haven’t for months. I’m glad my translations came in handy for a lot of people, but at this point, I will not be updating anything anymore and I am no longer aware of any recent changes or events.

I still get asked questions every so often, but it would be best to look for someone else’s more updated information at this point.


SB69 – Bingo


I hadn’t translated these yet since I hadn’t found a proper list of bingo items online before. There still isn’t really a good list out there but I found a little information at least. If you’re stuck on a certain bingo sheet and it’s not described here, please send me a screencap so I can fill in the missing information.

As for the bingo requirements regarding “level # bromides to max”, these cards are the easiest to level! They require only 2030 exp to max out to level 15, and then you can get rid of them and they will still count towards your total maxed bromide count.

Bingo sheet #1:
Look at the band practice tutorials
Look at the band evolution tutorials
Look at the bromide evolution tutorials
Look at the bromide deck set-up tutorials
Look at the boss fight sub-tutorials
Pull the normal (friend point) gacha
Pull the super (melodician) gacha

Bingo sheet #2:
Login for two days
Set up a bromide deck
Sell a bromide
Level up a bromide
Do band practice
Full combo 1 stage in tour mode
Watch a story episode

Bingo sheet #3:
Level 1 bromide to max
Level 5 bromides to max
Login 3 days
Full combo 3 stages in tour mode
Collect 20 bromides

Bingo sheet #4:
Level a band to max and evolve it
Login 7 days
Level 10 bromides to max

Bingo sheet #5:

Bingo sheet #6:
Clear (?) stage in tour mode
Collect 60 bromides
Clear (?) stage in tour mode
Level 30 bromides to max
Clear (?) stage in tour mode
Clear (?) stage in tour mode
Full combo 30 stages within tour mode
Clear (?) stage in tour mode

Bingo sheet #7:
Level 50 bromides to max
Clear (?) stage in tour mode
Full combo 40 stages within tour mode
Collect 70 bromides
Clear (?) stage in tour mode
Full combo 50 stages within tour mode
Level 40 bromides to max
Clear (?) stage in tour mode

Bingo sheet #8:
Collect 80 bromides
Level 80 bromides to max
Clear (?) stage in tour mode
Login 30 days
Collect 90 bromides
Full combo 80 stages within tour mode
Clear (?) stage in tour mode
Clear (?) stage in tour mode

Bingo sheet #9:
Level 90 bromides to max
Collect 100 bromides
Clear (?) stage in tour mode
Collect 110 bromides
Clear (?) stage in tour mode
Full combo 90 stages within tour mode
Login 50 days
Clear (?) stage in tour mode

Bingo sheet #10:
Clear (?) stage in tour mode
Login 70 days
Clear (?) stage in tour mode
Full combo 100 stages within tour mode
Clear (?) stage in tour mode
Full combo 120 stages within tour mode
Level 100 bromides to max
Collect 120 bromides

Bingo sheet #11:
Collect 140 bromides
Clear (?) stage in tour mode
Full combo 150 stages within tour mode
Level 110 bromides to max
Login 90 days
Clear (?) stage in tour mode
Full combo (?) stages within tour mode
Clear (?) stage in tour mode

Bingo sheet #12:
Full combo 160 stages within tour mode
Login 110 days
Clear (?) stage in tour mode
Collect 150 bromides
Level 120 bromides to max
Collect (?) bromides
Clear (?) stage in tour mode
Clear (?) stage in tour mode

Bingo sheet #13:
Full combo 170 stages within tour mode
Login 130 days
Full combo 180 songs within tour mode
Level 130 bromides to max

I couldn’t find any more information at this time. If you have screenshots of any of the bingo sheets with unclear information, please comment and post them so I can correct this list!

SB69 ID – Create an account


This is a relatively new feature! Do it now so you can get 5 free melodician for making an account, and it backs up your data too!

First of all, go to the Menu screen on the bottom right of the app, and select SB69 ID.


This screen will pull up. The options are as follows:
Register account
(Old) Enter change device password

You’ll want to select the 1st button.

2015-04-13 (1)

Then this screen will appear. The first field is for your username (must be 4-12 characters long), and the next two fields are for you to create a password (must be 6-12 characters long and contain at least 1 number), and then confirm that password by entering it again. Once you’ve completed the three fields, hit the button at the bottom to proceed.

At this point, the screens should be relatively self explanatory, I believe. Please remember your password!

2015-04-14 02.42.44

Once you’ve created your ID and it’s all set, enjoy your free melodician. Also, now the screen will look like this. The options now are as follows:

Change password
Login to a different account

Be careful logging in, because that account’s data will replace your current account. You can probably recover your original account by logging into it again. I haven’t tried logging into other accounts though so I can’t give any solid advice on that, so be careful!

If I’ve missed anything or you would like further clarification, please feel free to ask!

SB69 – Skills + Band Member Names + Auto-create Deck


Sorry for the long wait, this is stuff I should have explained loooong ago.

I finally translated all the skills for all the cards (as of 1/16/15), and all of the band members’ names. Please keep in mind that I am really bad at romanizing names and consequently some probably sound awful. I’m sorry.

Skills here! [Note: All information was copied and pasted from this website. I claim to have created none of it, and am just translating the skill names for English speakers to understand.]

Bands and band member names!

Also, card sorting. In the “deck” building screen, you may now click in the upper right to automatically create a team! You first choose the attribute you want, and then this screen shows up:

2015-01-12 00.45.10

I’m just basing these on my assumptions so I’m not 100% sure how it chooses cards, but…

Soul: Chooses cards that have soul up related skills
Score: Chooses cards that have the best score up related skills
Boss: Chooses cards that have the best boss related skills
Support: Chooses cards that have the best tension recovery/miss deletion/perfect rate up skills

Show by Rock – Tips


Thought I’d translate some tips I found since they are very useful. Again, I claim none of this information and am merely translating it for English speakers’ comprehension.

Official site:

Official site (anime):

Show by Rock wiki:

Show by Rock walkthrough wiki:

Regarding daily events: Easy mode will net you the most rewards for the stamina cost. However, it does take a lot of time.

*A personal tip regarding daily quests (thanks to Marzi pointing this out to me!):

2014-11-13 13.22.41

Play the song enough to beat the boss, and then you can stop playing and do other stuff while the song continues. The starting tension is generally enough to be sufficient for easy songs, and you won’t lose enough heath to “die”. This fulfills both the normal clear requirement (don’t lose) and the challenge (defeat the boss) for all the rewards you’d normally get!! The biggest downside of doing this is by getting a low rank, your exp earned will be very low, but it is a very useful trick if you want to play a LOT of low level boss stages and don’t want to pay full attention to it.

Tips for leveling cards for the bingo sheets: There are certain N cards that require 20 exp to level to level 2 [image not created by me]. These are the easiest to max, since they require 2030 exp in total to reach level 15. After you max a card, you can sell it or feed it to another card, and you don’t need to keep it in your box.

Here is a table showing the exp requirements of all card rarities. [image not created by me] To tell which card is which column, look at how much exp you need to level from 1 to 2 and you can find out its type. 20 exp is the 1st chart, 30 exp is the 2nd, and 29 exp for the 3rd.

Can I reset to get a good card?: Yes. The best method to do this is to reach the 2nd bingo card, and you should be able to pull the gacha at least three times. If you keep at one account for about a day, then you may be able to earn 50 stones to pull the 10-card gacha (and guarantee at least 1 SSR).

Regarding gacha:
For the friend point gacha, Arisugawa’s (egg guy) outfit is irrelevant.
If you’re pulling the 50x melodician gacha, you are guaranteed one card that is at least SSR.
Red clothes Arisugawa->Red light = You may get an SSR.
Gold clothes Arisugawa->Red light = SSR guaranteed.
Rainbow light = UR

Song time/BPM list: [image not by me]

SB69 Getting Started Guide


SB69 = Show By Rock

Download the game via Qoo

[NOTE: This guide is relatively outdated. The game has gone through several updates at this point and some of the information is a little more scattered, and new things have been added. Apologies for not yet updating.]

To get started, there’s a small “tutorial”. The first entry screen is for you to put your name, and then it’ll ask you if you want to see a tutorial. If you’re not used to rhythm games, I’d suggest hitting the blue button and it will show you the tutorial. Otherwise, it’s pretty simple, so I skipped it personally. You need to set your timing next, which is pretty important, but you can change it again later in the options menu if it’s not working. Proceed to set the timing, hitting the note on the beat. Once that’s done, you can hit “check” and it’ll play a little test track to see if the timing is right now. Lastly, you’ll have to do one normal stage and then a boss stage in order to move on and go to any other menus.

Bottom rowHome | Tour | Cards | Gacha | Shop | Menu

Bingo board (upper left): This is AWESOME and you will want to go to it whenever it has an update. You have to complete certain tasks and it’ll fill in a bingo space, and you get money, friend points, exp cards, and melodician (crystals) like crazy when you get bingos. Some of them you may have to complete a certain tour quest, look at a tutorial explanation somewhere, max out a certain number of cards, login a certain amount of days, etc. But the rewards are absolutely amazingly worth it.

If you’re not sure what to do, and you click on the square and it shows two options, click the right one and it will lead you to where you need to complete it. If you’re on the 1st or 2nd bingo board, it might just be simply clicking around and looking at tutorials, or pulling the gachas for the first time.

Egg guy (bottom right): Chatting scenes between band members. Click through to see these and you’ll get rewards at the end. Money, friend points, and even more melodician. Worth it to speed through when you get updates. (They’re also cute, but I don’t know if/when I’ll personally ever translate them unless someone specifically wants me to for a certain band or something.)

Present: Your item box. The button at the top is for collecting everything at once.

Tour: The “quest” line of the game. You have to play these songs in order to unlock them for band practice, for which you can play to level up your bands quickly. You also get melodician if you’re able to defeat the boss in the boss stages at the end of each area.

Event: Holiday events/special events, daily events, and the daily free play songs.
Daily events: (Changes 12am Japan time.)
Sunday: Money cards
Monday: Dark soul exp cards
Tuesday: Fire soul exp cards
Wednesday: Water soul exp cards
Thursday: Wood soul exp cards
Friday: Light soul exp cards
Saturday: Sheet music (used for evolving bands)
Daily free play songs: One song offered per day, changes each day. No stamina cost, but also no rewards.

Band: This is where you level up your bands. Click on the band name, and you can either practice (top) or evolve (below). Leveling and evolving bands will get you more “tension” (your HP) and allows you to hit bad/miss (or good during boss attacks) without losing as quickly. Tension is specific to the band, and songs are specific to each band. If you want lots of HP for all the songs, you’ll need to level each and every band.
Practice: You have to practice with the band in order to level them up to max before you can evolve them. Practicing costs money (potentially a lot of it) but no stamina. Once you max out the band’s current level, you can evolve. You also get EXP by playing songs normally through the tour or events, but you can get a SHIT TON of exp through this practice area depending on how well you rank and how much money you spend on the studio.
Studio: You’ll need to switch between studios to determine how much you want to spend and how much exp you’re going to get. Here’s the breakdown. The columns listed there are: Studio | Cost | Rank | Full Combo | Master | EXP. You can look at the cost and rank and see how much exp you can get per studio.
Evolve: You need sheet music from the Saturday event quest in order to evolve bands. Your band also needs to be at their current maximum level. More info here. Columns are: Evolve level | Max level they need to be at | And the required amounts of the three respective types of sheet music.
Note– once you evolve a band, you can change their appearance back to whichever form you like by going to the band menu, scrolling to the band, and hitting the bottom button, use left or right arrows to pick, and press the blue button to select the style you want.

This screen shows up when you’re about to start a song. Reiterating some important things:
Tension = HP
Souls = Attack power (*The ONLY color that matters for the song you’re about to play is the color that’s shown. Pick a friend/guest and your deck with a high amount of it.)
The amount of souls in black text is the souls that this particular band has, and the red is the amount that your deck(+friend) adds to it.
Each song has a normal clear condition and a challenge. The normal clear is generally easy, and challenge can be difficult. Usually (IMO) the challenge does not even matter since you’ll generally just get 1000 coins or something. EXCEPT FOR THE BOSS STAGES. Clearing the challenge (killing the boss) is so important because that’s the only way you get a melodician from a boss stage.
You can only get the challenge bonus once. You can’t just grind the same boss over and over for melodician.
The recommended amount of souls is for clearing the normal condition, not the challenge.

Card area:
The pink section appears to be under construction, and may contain new features sometime soon. I have no idea what it’ll be for…

General card tips:
Feed same color to same color and get extra exp.
Winged egg angel things are great exp feed.
What you want to build is your number of souls PER COLOR. This number is your attack power. It’ll get you better scores the higher it is, and kill bosses faster. Do not try to build one single “well-rounded” deck, it’s inefficient. Build five different decks for each of the five colors to get the highest amount of souls you can for that one color at a time. You do NOT need high power in more than one color at a time since I am unaware of any songs that use more than one color.

1st button: Rearrange your decks. I suggest using the auto-build (top right in the deck arrange screen) and use your five slots to build a deck for each color.
2nd button: Level up your cards. Click on the card you want to level up, proceed, and then add in what you want to use up. Use feed cards (and egg angels) of the same color for better exp. No need to level up the feed.. as far as I know. I tried it once and got lower exp using one leveled up card than if  I’d just used em individually. Try to keep anything 2 star and up, at least when you’re starting out. Even fully leveled 2 stars give pretty great souls for their dominant color.
3rd button: Sell. I don’t particularly sell anything but the egg guys holding money that you can get from the Sunday quest, since they’re specifically for selling.
4th button: View your cards.

2nd row 1st button: Your card gallery by band.
2nd row 2nd button: UR+ menu. I haven’t actually done this yet so I’m not familiar with it. But this is where you can upgrade your UR cards.
2nd row 3rd button: God gacha point exchange. This menu is where you can “sell” your cards of rarity R or higher for god gacha points. This god gacha pulls you a guaranteed UR. However, it costs a lot of points, so you’ll need to exchange a lot of R/SR/SSR cards for points.

[Gacha screen, sorry no screencap at the moment]

Super bromide gacha: This costs 5x for 1 card or 50x melodician for 10 cards. I will always recommend the 50x pull.
Super bromide gacha [event]: Same as above, but may contain different URs.
God gacha: This costs god gacha points that are earned through exchanging R/SR/SSR cards in the card menu. See above. 1 pull is 300 god gacha points (I am not sure if this number changes). Guaranteed UR.
UR gacha: Guaranteed UR. You can only get UR gacha tickets through doing well in certain events (like, REALLY well), or certain special promotions if you buy a lot of melodician with real currency.
SSR gacha: Guaranteed SSR. You can get these tickets through events sometimes if you do well.
Normal gacha: This costs friend points. You get friend points through song rewards, having people use your leader for their songs, bingo, event rewards, etc. You pull by using 100 points for 1 card, or up to 1,000 points for 10 cards at once. You’ll generally get N rank cards, sometimes R, and rarely SR.

This is where you can (in order), buy melodician with actual money;
Recover your stamina by using a melodician;
Use a melodician to increase your friend slots by 5;
And use a melodician to increase your card slots by 5.

[Options menu: this screen has completely changed. I’ll update the pic eventually.]

Menu: (left to right, top to bottom)
Friend [accept/delete friend requests, enter friend referral code]
Profile [change greeting, highlighted song]
Band member gallery

Card gallery
Change device
SB69 ID [create an account]

Enter code [I don’t know much about this area]
Set twitter account [like for when you pull the gacha you can post the result to twitter, or post your referral code]
Official twitter account

Official facebook account
Send inquiry
Update game data

Usage policy
Close the game

Friend submenu:

Friend list
Search for a user
Friend requests (incoming and outgoing)
Referral code (entering one in or giving out your own)

Options submenu:

Volume controls
Display skill names
Display guidelines (show horizontal lines on the track during a song)
Low spec mode (if you have trouble with your phone not recognizing input and skipping notes during songs, put this on and connect your phone to your charge cord. it should help.)
Restore to default
Adjust timing settings


Feel free to ask me any questions!